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Roatan has a White Christmas


Roatan has a white Christmas


Thousands of migrating snowbirds flocked south to Roatan to enjoy a different kind of “White Christmas” !  West Bay Beach (a top 10 beach of the world) sparkled with white sand in the full sunshine on Christmas Day.  Sunbathers, divers, snorkelers, sailors, and sand sculpture’s, shouted with glee as they played in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.


Roatan celebrates Christmas
Sun and Fun Roatan


From Manchester, Massachusetts, to Manchester, England; from Whales to Honduras; from Canada to Colorado; people gathered together on the beach!  Young and old alike sported a HO HO HO  spirit throughout Roatan.  Two cruise ships docked to join in the magic of Christmas Day.  Hamburgers, fish burgers, chicken burgers, potato salad, breads, and tropical fruits added to the aroma of the bright white day!


Roatan Island Honduras celebrates a white Christman


Tinsel and bows were long cast aside

for this Christmas was special…the gift was outside!


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