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Roatan Bruce

No Longer broadcasting on the Roatan or community station 101.1 FM The Wave!

The Wave 101.1 FM is a world class station on Roatan that will rival any other quality station playing music with an edge. The station's strong signal will be available everywhere on The Bay Islands and Northern Honduras, but it won't stop there.


The Roatan Bruce Show is heard at the same times as before, 9 am to 1 pm. Start your day as you did before hearing the latest local news and calendar, weather and important interviews on 101.1 FM. Plus, The Wave will soon be heard around the world by live-streaming the signal anywhere in the world over the Internet. People interested in Roatan will be able to hear the show anytime from anywhere simply by going to their computer and clicking on the "listen live" button on this website or the Wave website. Please let me know if you want to be added to the list people who are notified when the streaming starts.


The Wave 101.1 FM will soon become the best known and most popular English speaking radio station on Roatan and in the far Western Caribbean and Central America. You can now set your dial 24 hours a day on The Wave 101.1 FM without ever having to change your channel.


Roatan Bruce Radio Talk Show


Roatan Bruce in the News

Roatan Bruce and Faily on the island Roatan, HondurasRoatan Bruce is usually speaking about everyone else, but today he is in the news! He is busy working on a new interactive web site for his "Roatan Bruce Radio Talk Show". It will have a new look and a new air about it. Different features are being developed to meet the ever growing number of listeners on Roatan and around the world. Here he shares a couple of the new features that his web site will host:
Bruce, Lorin, and Kenia Starr

1. The Roatan Bruce Show will "go live" over the internet and reach a global audience. Listeners around the world will be able to hear the live show, as well as choose past shows to listen to again !
This feature is a response to the growing number of requests from visitors, residents on and off the island, and business owners who want to advertise their business, tourist activity, or real estate, etc. This will inform people around the globe what is available to them on Roatan, the Bay Islands, and Honduras. All businesses have great assets to offer at home and/or abroad.


2. A RSS News Feed is also being added to the new web site. Roatan Bruce will be able to update it through out the day! He is also committed to adding charitable, social, and cultural events at your request. This is a first for Roatan and the Bay Islands.


He promises that there is more news to come. A full applause is given to Bruce for the hard work and dedication that he gives his show every day. He continues to be a leader here on Roatan, the Bay Islands, and Honduras.


More Signifacant News About Roatan Bruce

Roatan Bruce in the Studio at 106.5 FM, on the island Roatan, Honduras

On August 7th, 2006, the Show Moved to 106.5 FM


The show is the main source of important timely information for English speaking islanders, residents and tourists. He has interviewed over 200 of the "Who's Who" of The Bay Islands and Honduras including two Presidents of Honduras, Congressmen, Mayors, Governors and many of the top business and community leaders. He is the host and producer of the first English speaking local original television programming on the island Roatan, in Honduras. He is also a columnist in "Honduras This Week", the only English speaking weekly newspaper in Honduras. Go to to see his columns online.




Be a Guest on the Roatan Bruce Show

There are several different ways to reach the growing Roatan Bruce listening audience heard across the Bay Islands and in Honduras. Perhaps your message may be best heard by being a guest on the Roatan Bruce Show. Promotional interviews are a very effective way to reach the listening audience. Scheduled guests are promoted on preceding shows and on, our highly popular newsgroup and message center web site. You will have a very substantial audience should you choose to be interviewed. All interviews are uploaded onto the Internet for anyone to hear, anytime, from anywhere, in the world. This is an invaluable tool to the thousands of people traveling to and from Roatan.


Positive Change

Positive change is in the mind of Roatan Bruce these days. He is excited about the more spacious studio that will allow 3 guests to be on the air at the same time! Individual callers will be able to contact the studio and present questions to the guest on the air. This will create a platform for some very interesting exchanges. The response from the sponsors of the "Roatan Bruce Radio Talk Show" on this idea has been very positive.


Roatan Island Bruce Talk Show Host in Studio at 106.5 FM, on the island Roatan, Honduras

Stay tuned to 106.5 FM for more information
from the "Roatan Bruce Show".



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