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Roatan Beach Front - Vacation Rentals

Coconut Tree Restaurant West End

Coconut Tree International Cuisine

Vincent Bush

Open 10-10       7 Days A Week



Weekly Specials Filet of Fish and Lobster


Sandwiches - Entrees - Appetizers - Salads




Includes fries or sauteed veggies along with hydroponic lettuce and roma tomato.


Dundee Garlic Shrimp with Buffalo Mozzarella 

Roatan shrimp sauteed with white wine, garlic and fresh berb, topped with melted buffalo mozzarella.


Don Jorge Wood Chickenburger

Grilled Chicken breat topped with cheddar cheese in our pink sauce.


Vegetables and Buffalo Mozzarella

Baby carrots with local squash blessed with melted burralo mozzarella in our pink sauce.


Vasilis Fish Filet with Fresh Gouda Cheese

Freshly cought and lighrly frilled to perfection.


Casey's Spicy Chicken Parmesan

Grilled chicken breast with melted buffalo mozzarella with our Georgios sauce.




Includes rice, plantains, a small house salad, and your choice of beans

or sauteed vegetables.


Shanita's garlic Shrimp Fantasy

Fresh Roatan shrimp sauteedd with the freshest herbs, white wine, and olice oil.


Eleni's Filet of Fish

Freshest catch of the day sauteed with sauteed with our garlic, herb and white wine sauce.


Alexi's Searood Ka-bob

The best of both worlds. Fresh Roatan shrimp, with chunks of filet, roma tomato, mix sweet peppers,

Bemuda onions, on two jumbo skewers, topped with garlic herb, shit wine sauce.


Dino's Chicken Da-bob

Large chuks of chicken breast marinated with our delicious chimmichurri sauce, with roma tomato,

mix sweet peppers, Bermuda onions on two jumbo skewers, griied to prtection.


Fish Cakes Jackeline

Lightly fried in-house creation, with our ajillo sauce, lightly topped with a garlic white wind sauce.


Cocnut Shrimp with Pineapple Chutney

Fresh Roatan shrimp beautifully fried on our grated coconut butter,

seved on top of ou in-houe Cabo's pineapple chutney.



Chicken Quesadilla

Two hand-made flour tortillas, grilled chidken breast blessed with melted burralo mozzarella, sever with side

of chimole, sour cream & our Georgios sauce.


Shrimp Quesadilla

Two hand-made tortillas, sauteed Roatan shrimp inwhite wine, garlic and fresh herbs, blessed with melted buffalo mozzarelia, seved with sides of chimole, sour cream and our Georgios sauce.


French Quarter Gumbo

New Orleans style mad with Roatan shrimp, chunks of chicken breast, served with a side of white rice.


Gram Glennis Conch Sout

Fresh Roatan conch drenched on cocnut milk.



House Salad

Bed of crispy hydroponic lettuce, roma tomato, cucumber, mixed sweet pepper, Bermuda onions, shredded baby

carrots, hard boiled egg, avocado, fresh Gouda cheese,  fruit du Jour, with our signatue strawberry dressing.


with Sauteed Roatan Shrimp

House salad topped with Roatan shrimp sauteed in white wine sith fresh herbvs and garlic. Mon/s favorite!


with Grilled Filet of Fish

House salad topped with slices of our greshest catch of the day, grlle to perfecion with herbs and spice.


with Grilled Chicken Breast

House salad topped with strips of savory grilled chicken.


  sales tax not included. Gratuity not included

Cash and most major cards accepted.




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