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Roatan island style website featuring articles and stories of adventure, yarns and photography, this is how we invite you to experience the island. Roatan readers grasp a sense of what it means to escape to pristine beaches, coral reefs and participate in the islands culture.

Gramma's Big Roatan Island Adventure

by: Gramma Pam

In 2010 Gramma Pam turned 60. To celebrate this special birthday I went on a trip to Roatan Island Honduras, by myself, where I experienced the most amazing things. As I walked on the beaches and swam in the ocean my family was never far from my thoughts. This story is a product of one of those walks.

Gramma Pam turns 60

My to do list

My To Do List: Lynne and Bob. Quick note as I am off to go "across the line" and want to mail you this book. Sorry no credit for the pics you emailed me as they arrived after
I had sent the book off. More by email. Love Pam Faunt.

To Lynne and Bob thank you for my Roatan island adventure. Pam Faunt

Gramma's Big Adventure by Gramma Pam

Easy Read Text: Gramma's Big Roatan Island Adventure experienced and written by: Gramma Pam photos of Roatan island taken by: Gramma Pam. Portraits of Dylan and Griffin by. Saara Bain and text edited by Jane McCarty

Gramma'a Big Roatan Island Adventure

Written to and dedicated to

my grandchildren: Love You Forever

Gramma Pam

Gramma Pam came to Grande Prairie for Christmas

Because it is a special Day.
We ate turkey and opened presents
and still had lots of time to play.

We baked, colored and sprinkled all the paper Dylan cut.

We baked, coloured and sprinked all the paper Dylan cut.

We played the memory game and Dylan whipped Gramma's butt. We made Play Doh hair at the barbershop princess shoes, crowns and such. We laughed and giggled, we were silly at times Gramma loved it all so much.

And at bedtime Gramma read books to Dylan sat on her bed and snuggled close. Read Stories about princesses  and dancers Dylan love the most.

Gramma read books to Dylan

Then Christmas was over Gramma packed her suitcase and went away.
She had to go back to Creston, B.C. her old new home these days.

Far away Roatan island in the Caribbean.

Gramma Pam had to get ready to fly
on a very big plane.

To a far away Roatan island in the Caribbean

you can't get there by car, bus or train.


Gramma packed her new toothbrush,
her bathing suits and hats.

Because it is very hot on Roatan
island and Gramma knew that.

Then all safe in her cabana a new
name for a beach home.

She started on her big Roatan island adventure, by herself with the whole Roatan island to roam.

Because it is very hot on Roatan
island and Gramma knew that.

Now while Gramma was on Roatan island she had her birthday and she turned 60.
She got e-mails and videos from her family and friends on her computer, oh how nifty!!

  Yikes !

Her new friends had a party for her made her supper and a tiny birthday cake.
With one match for a candle so she could blow it out and a wish she could make.

She walked on the Roatan island beaches every day collected shells
and coral and pretty rocks. The warm water tickled her toes
Gramma did not have to wear socks on Roatan Island.

She walked on the Roatan island beaches.

On Roatan Island she swam with brightly colored fish round ones, striped ones and starfish that could crawl, orange, red, purple, green and yellow fish Gramma loved them all.

On Roatan Island she swam with brightly coloured fish.

At the Roatan island west bay beach she watched crab races
they all had numbers on their backs.

Big ones, small ones and those
in-between all running on the sand track.

crab races
Then when it was very dark outside 
on the beach out on the sand

Then when it was very dark outside on the beach out on the sand, came Roatan island fire dancers with live fire sticks they tossed from hand to hand.

Gramma zipped on a clothes line high over the jungle there was so much to see,
she sat in a thing called a harness and swung from tree to tree.

Gramma zipped on a clothes line high over the jungle.

And off through the Roatan island jungle she hiked
it was filled with many plants and flowers.
Because of the jungle showers.

Big - Bigger - Biggest

Gramma played with cute monkeys they were black with white faces.

Papa Monkey

The Papa monkey jumped on her head and gave Gramma quite a fright!!

Played with monkeys.
In the jungle.
Red Berry

In the jungle  she saw coffee trees, 
nut trees, chocolate tress and more...

Long vines that you could swing on and coconuts galore.

Long vines.
Lizard Green Geckoes.

Gramma made friends with small green geckos they climbed on the flowers and walls.

Colourful parrots.
Red Macaw
Green and Red Macaw

And grey iguanas and colorful parrots they were the brightest red and green of all.

Sea shells

The waves of the ocean left all kinds of shells some were big and some were small.

Some were homes to pinching pink crabs some didn't have any visitors at all.

Little sea shells.
Old shell.

The sea and sky on Roatan island was a very brilliant, bright blue.
Where the sky ended and the ocean started only the stars and fish knew.

And then Gramma's trip was over her Roatan island big adventure came to and end.
She had to say "good bye' to the beach and the ocean and to all her new friends.

Gramma Pam

Though it was sad when an adventure is over.
Gramma Pam will have many more.
Some will be big and some small
but her trips to Grande Prairie
Will be her favorite of all.

But wherever I go and what ever I see.
I have in my heart to keep me company.

Because... I Love You

Gramma's Big Roatan Island Adventure

The End


Sandy Bay Turtle Feasting on the Roatan Reef

Thanks for the video John Evanko of Blue Island Divers Roatan!

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