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Barbareta Island - Barbareta Marine National Park

Barbareta Island - Barbareta Marine National Park

Barbareta Island, assigned the status of Barbareta Marine National Park, has miles of splendid isolated beaches, lush tropical forest, exotic fauna and remote hiking trails. It is only three and a half miles long with Bongus Hill the highest point of the island with views all across the different bays.

Other sights include Barbareta Beach, a Parrot Reserve, Jade Beach and a small Mayan archaeological site. There is an airport near Pelican Point, Barbareta's south point, but most visitors arrive by boat from Roatan.

Scuba Divers that go to Barbareta island come there for two main sports. The spectacular three miles long Barbareta Wall or Morat Wall which is very popular with scuba divers; often drifting from one side to the other. Pigeon Cays to the south is the second most visited spot as the small island is pretty and an excellent location for picnics in between diving or snorkeling.



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