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Guaimoreto Lagoon Wildlife Refuge

Access to the Guaimoreto Lagoon Wildlife Refuge is from a path that comes up from the fabulous Villa Brinkley. Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge, a large mangrove estuary and one of the valuable protection zones for the manatee along the Caribbean coast of Central America. There are several miles of navigable canals and healthy populations of crocodiles & monkeys. It's an incredible place, with basic accommodation and guided boat tours available. There is also a beach for swimming, and its located just 20km west of La Ceiba, and three hrs from San Pedro Sula. An old United Fruit tram takes you from the road to the reserve. Punta Sal, with its tropical forest and mangroves, is famous for its population of water birds & continental coral reefs. Located just outside Tela, offers also good diving.




“We walked into the forests which encircled the town.
I have never liked them, their dark throat, their sullen height, their slump-shouldered gloom.
But Evangeline walked steadily into their maw, and I followed her.
She wanted to see the swathes which, years ago, the firebug had burned.
The furnaced forest was green again, though here and there stood leafless trunks
cindered to the core; on the scruffy dirt lay stiff black limbs tangled in morning-glory.
Evangeline touched her palm to the charcoal, murmured, 'Poor things.”
Sonya Hartnett, Surrender

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