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Mosquito Coast - Moskitia

(Mosquito Coast is the Common Name)


Mosquito Coast - Moskitia located in the Honduras north coast contains one of the last great tracts of intact primary forest in Central America. This wilderness is one of the few large remnants of the forest that once covered most of the isthmus, forming a biological bridge between the great continents North America and South America.


Moskitia is a mysterious region, of land where the rivers are roads and you travel around in dugout canoes called pipantes.


Endangered species like the Baird's tapir, Harpys eagle and all give species of jungle cats thrive in the area's three principal biological zones - tropical rainforest, mangrove swamps and pine savannahs.


The area is also dotted with little known archaeological sites and the fabled lost White City of the Maya is said to be hidden somewhere in its dense jungle.


Several Honduran companies do tours to the region, focusing on the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and including contacts with thethree main ethnic groups, the Pech, Miskito and Garifuna.

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