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Honduras Zip Codes

Roatan Zip Code 34101

Honduras Zip Codes: local Honduras communities in general do not include zip codes when addressing mail, the correspondence or packages will still arrive at their destination without a zip code included; however, it is becoming more accpted to include zip codes with international mail, and can increase the speed with which your package or letter arrives at its destination if you include the zip code in the address.

When entering an address online, many foreign institutions require the zip code field. For this purpose it is best to enter 00000, or if letters and symbols are permitted, N/A, so as not to have your Honduras zip code mistaken for one in the United States of America. You can also so bold the word Honduras just before the zip code making it more noticalble.


Honduras zip codes by department:

  • Atlantida
    La Ceiba 31101
    Tela 31301
  • Comayagua 12101
    Siguatepeque 12111
    Santa Rosa de Copán 41101
    La Entrada 41202
  • San Pedro Sula
    Sector N.E. 21101
    Sector N.O. 21102
    Sector S.E. 21103
    Sector S.O. 21104
  • Puerto Cortés 21301
  • Choluteca 51101
    Pespire 51201
    El Paraiso
  • Yuscaran 13101
    Danli 13201
    Francisco Morazán
  • Tegucigalpa 11101
    Comayaguela 12101
    Gracias A Dios
  • Puerto Lempira 33101
  • La Esperanza 14101
    Jesus de Otoro 14201
  • Islas de La Bahia (Bay Islands)
    Roatán 34101
    Utila: 34021
    Guanaja: 34301
  • La Paz 15101
    Marcala 15201
  • Gracias 42101
    Erandique 42201
  • Ocotepeque 43101
    San Marcos de Ocotepeque 43201
  • Juticalpa 16101
    Catacamas 16201
    Santa Barbara
  • Santa Barbara 22101
    Trinidad 22114
  • Nacaome 52101
    San Lorenzo 52102
  • Yoro 23101
    El Progresso 23201

The official website (in Spanish) of the Honduran Post Office (Honducor) is located here: HONDUCOR, Empresa de Correos de Honduras. Phone: 011 504 2233-4343 Email:

Company Post Honduras - HONDUCOR

Toncontin Airport. Postal Center Building Classification., Opposite City Mall
Francisco Morazan
+ 504.2233-4353
+ 504.2233-1231


A bit of trivia:

In a few rare instances, you may see another form of the Honduras zip codes issued by the Honduras postal service many years back. These are two capital letters followed by four numbers. The two letters were supposed to indicate an abbreviation for the Department in which the city is located, i.e. FM (Francisco Morazan) or AT (Atlantida). These are not widely recognized, and were discontinued due to a confusion with the ISO 3166 International Country Codes Standard.

Postal Code for Tegucigalpa: FM1100
Zip Code for San Pedro Sula: CT1100
La Ceiba Zip Code: AT1100
Roatan Postal Code: IB3100
el codigo postal de Tegucigalpa: FM1100
el codigo postal de San Pedro Sula: CT1100
La Ceiba, el codigo postal: AT1100
Roatan el codigo postal: IB3100




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