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“What an amazing place! From it’s centralized location between the airport in Coxen Hole and West End/West Bay to the relaxing, yet never boring family-friendly atmosphere. They are also great scuba instructors! I cannot swim and have a bit of a fear of water, but Eric and Diana had me out there in 30 feet of water in no time (after the proper prep and instruction of course). I cannot wait to go back to get certified! My stay could have only been better if it could have been longer. I will be back!”
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Roatan island style website featuring articles and stories of adventures, yarns and photography, this is how we invite you to experience the island. Roatan readers grasp a sense of what it means to escape to pristine beaches, coral reefs and participate in the islands culture.

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West End Diving

Interested in scuba diving? That is after all the main reason for many a visit to Roatan! The West End holds as many dive operators as one island can hold. All of the dive operators will be willing to discuss the packages and specials that they offer. Find an operator that meets your expectations in terms of safety and equipment and stay with them throughout your vacation. The more dives one undertakes with a particular operator the better the deal will be that one can negotiate with them. When diving with your own equipment, another benefit of diving with the same operator throughout your stay is that you should typically be able to leave your equipment in storage with them. This makes life so much more convenient when one can simply leave all of your equipment at an operator’s facilities, rather than having to carry everything back and forth on every single dive.

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Sandy Bay
Sundancer Cabanas

Explore the immediate vicinity off the Sundancer pier out to the reefsnorkeling. Here you can find anything from tiny Spotted Cleaner Shrimps clinging to anemones to Spotted Eagle Rays rising from the blue depths of the channel that leads out to beyond the reef. With the protection offered by the reef, this area between the beach and the reef is the ideal location in which to have young children and insecure swimmers experience some of the amazing wonders of the ocean without being exposed to waves or surges of any kind. Here an abundance of coral can be found with hundreds of fish species playing hide and seek amongst the corals.

Many of the cabanas at Sundancer are available for rent year round and make for an ideal base from which to explore Roatan. Bob and Lynne Millsaps manage some of the cabanas on behalf of their respective owners and live on the island permanently and as such are very knowledgeable regarding local events, customs and traditions. They are also very willing to work with you in planning your trip beforehand and can make many recommendations in order to get your trip organized. From the outset we discussed almost every aspect of our visit with them and they were always very willing and keen to discuss possibilities and offer recommendations.

Recalling all of the fun and enjoyment that we had makes me think that
I need to speak to
Bob and Lynne about the family’s next trip to Roatan!

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