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Roatan Fotos

Roatan Fotos, Slide Shows & Videos

Fotos of folks, places or things that interest us and hopefully you as well.


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Roatan Fotos of the Week

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Roatan Fotos Free

Roatan Fotos Art

Waves of Art Watercolor Exhibition

Artist Paul Chapdelaine Feature Article -  Slide Show

Artist "Palanca" Feature Article - Slide Show

Rusty Fish Sneak Peek

Art You Wear Web Site    Veronica Slide Show

Roatan Fotos Birds


Carambola Botanical Gardens

Carambola Gardens

Diving Roatan Fotos

Fotos Swarts Family Dive


Man Is On The Sea

Roatan Fotos Fire Dancers

The Islands Fire

Fishing Roatan Fotos

Fishing Tournament 2013


Fishing Tournament 2010

Watch Slide Show of the Fishing Tournament Festivities 2010

Video of Grand Prize Winner


Fishing Tornament 2009


Roatan Fishing Tournament 2008

708 lb. Blue Marlin won the West End Fishing Tournament


View Photos
Bill Fish



Boat and Tackle Shop

Offering a variety of fishing experiences for the novice and professional fisherman.

Get your fishing gear with all the latest rods, reels, line, and lures from the

Boat & Tackle Shop in West End next to the Bamboo Hut Laundry Service.


Roatan Fotos Golf


Golf Brady


Golf Rotary Club


Golf Rotary Tournament - Black Pearl

(Large slide show 270+ Hi-Res)


Golf Rotary Tournament - Black Pearl

(Large Slide how 29 Hi-Res)

Roatan Fotos Guides Tours Excursions


Carambola Botanical Gardens


Copan Mayan Site in Honduras


Mayan Jungle Monkey Park (coming soon check back)


Zipline Canopy



Roatan Fotos Holidays Festivities

Independence Day Parade 2008



Roatan Fotos Resorts

West Bay Lodge




Home Page

Meet Your Hosts




Island Pearl Activities


BananaramaDive List Staging Area

Roatan Fotos of Restaurants


Georphis Hideaway - Rudy's


Hole in the Wall Tribute to Bob Lee



Roatan Fotos Music

Kristofer Goldman - Cultura Band

Roatan Fotos of Social Tourism - Non-Profits - Charities


Familias Saludables"The Wall We Remember"


Sand Castle Public Library Grand Opening - Article


Golf Rotary Club


Rotary Club Tournament - Black Pearl

(Large slide show 270+ Hi-Res Roatan fotos)


Toms Shoes

Roatan Fotos of Schools


Sandy bay Alternative School


ESBIR 2012 Christmas Play

Roatan Videos

Fishing Tournament and Article


Shark Dive

Roatan Fotos Weddings

View Wedding

Roatan Fotos Weather


West End Storm


Hurricane Wilma


Hurricane Rina


Hurricane Richard


Hurricane Felix


Hurricane Dean

Roatan Fotos Staging Area




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"Sketch quickly with light strokes on your pad (which you should always have with you) and when it is full, start another, never rubbing out but keeping all carefully, because the forms and motions of the bodies are so infinitely various that they cannot possibly be retained in the memory.  Therefore preserve your sketches, for they are your assistants and your masters."
Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519