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Fotos of folks, places or things that interest us and hopefully you as well.

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(Easter egg - spoiler it is at the end of the video I think)

Macaws Talking in their Native Toungue (SQUAWKING)

Bob Millsaps Announcing the launch of http://www.Roatan.Photos
this is where we will post all of our new photos, slideshows, and videos.
We will still keep an archive of our photos and such at:

We look forward to this new adventure.
Thanks to all for your support over these last 16 years on Roatan.

Bob and Lynne Millsaps and Penny the Puppy


Dedicated to our Grand Children: EV, Hot Shot, Quinn and Abbey Joy


Our first slideshow is Macaws: Macaws, birds, parrots, threatened, macaw blue, red green macaw, blue winged macaw, blue gold, red green macaw, blue winged macaw, blue gold macaw, do macaws talk, parrots Americas, scarlet macaw, blue yellow macaw, macaw blue, squawking, Images of Parrots,


macaws, parrots, birds, parrots Americas.


  • 2014  (updated Feb 2016)

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Roatan Fishing Tournament 2008
West End Independence Carnival

708 lb. Blue Marlin won the West End Fishing Tournament


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Bill Fish



Boat and Tackle Shop

Offering a variety of fishing experiences for the novice and professional fisherman.

Get your fishing gear with all the latest rods, reels, lines, and lures from the

Roatan Boat & Tackle Shop in West End next to the Bamboo Hut Laundry Service.

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  • Golf Rotary Tournament - Black Pearl
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