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Roatan Fishing for Permit

Photo submitted by: Conner Henry

Fishing for Permit

Brian with Permit

Brian shows off his catch on a recent Roatan flats fishing trip with They offer sport anglers instruction and fishing techniques that are unique to Roatan's local area. This is why Roatan is ideal for Permit fishing:

Average Size: 8 -25 lbs

Eating Habits: Permit primarily forage on flats and inter tidal areas. Like the bonefish, the Permit uses its hard mouth to dig into the benthos and root up its prey. Permit will eat a variety of animals, including fish, mollusks, and insects. Larger adults feed on gastropods, sea urchins, clams, and crabs.

Season: Permit can be seen year round on the Roatan flats, but are more prevalent during Jan. - March.

Notes: Many anglers regard the Permit as one of the most difficult game fish to catch, and consider a Permit caught on fly the highlight of their angling achievements.

Common Names: Autiranon (Palicur), blå taggmakrell (Norwegian), blå taggmakrill (Swedish), carangue á plumes (French), carangue plume (French), cobbler (English), fausse karang (Creole, French), palometa (Spanish), pampanillo (Spanish), pampanito (Spanish), pampano (Tagalog), pámpano (Spanish), pámpano de bandera (Spanish), pampano erizero (Spanish), pampano palometa (Spanish), pámpano palometa (Spanish), permit fish (English), pompaneau plume (French), round pompano (English), sereia-de-pluma (Portuguese), sernambiguara (Portuguese), sernambiquara (Portuguese), sierpnik okragly (Polish), sinipompano (Finnish).

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