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Roatan Hurricane Dean

Catagory 5 off the Coast of Roatan

  • Heavy rain in bands

  • Strong winds at the beach

  • Surf is up about 8 feet above normal

  • West End looks like a ghost town

Hurricane Dean Future Forcast

This 5 day forcast map shows Hurricane Dean as a catagory 5 hurricane while off the coast of the Bay Islands of Honduras on Roatan. Hurricane Wilma was a catagory 3 while off Roatan's coast two years ago.

See pictures of Hurricane Wilma...


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5 PM - White caps within the reef and surf is up about 8 feet from normal. Sea water is creeping over the sandy road in West End. Will post new pictures later.


Mon. 1 PM - Heavy rains, strong wind and surf. It has begun! Honduras news report for Roatan has been telling everyone to stop working and go home. People that did not believe it was really coming are now fully convinced. Computer images are everywhere you stores, cars, and homes...and the mere size of the satellite image has us all on alert! See more pictures below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hope we will be able to keep reporting, but electricity here goes out quickly.


Mon. am - Thunder storms last night with heavy rain. Very cloudy but no wind this morning. . . the calm before the storm. (be right back - have to check the sea)


Sun. pm - RECO electric has failed most of the island today and the hurricane is not even here yet! Is this a readiness training program??????


Sat. - Gasoline supply is running short as people "fill up" to prepare for Hurricane status on Roatan Island. Removable Docks and Pier boards are being taken up in sections to maintain damage control. Waterfront homes are securing outside objects and boarding windows. Is this overkill???? Nobody thinks so! Hurricane Dean is projecting hurricane strength winds up to 75 miles from its center. The expanse of the total storm is up to 200 miles from the center.


The storm has recently shifted to the South West, placing Roatan in the outer skirts of the hurricane. Heavy rains, surf, and wind are expected. After Hurricane Wilma 2 years ago, with its intense coastal damage, no one here is taking any chances. Better to be prepared than to take risks on costly pier and home repairs.


People seem calm but alert. Grocery shopping is at an all time high and batteries are already gone as flashlights are loaded for the only sure prediction - no electricity! Communications may be down for awhile due to lack of electricity and satellite signals, so be patient as folks wait to report to "the outside world". More than likely everyone is just fine!



Kind of puts things in perspective...

Sandy Bay, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras, Central America
Roatan Beach, Roatan, Bay Island, Honduras

Looking down Sandy Bay Beach- Recording Piers as they are now.

Looking onto the beach from Sundancer Cabanas Pier, Sandy Bay, Roatan, Honduras

Roatan Boat, Roatan, Bay Island, Honduras

Sundancer Beach and Pier - noon Monday

Trying to remove a boat from the water.



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