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Hurricane Richard

Not much news about Hurricane Richard, it passed north of Roatan and was a catagory 1 barely, lots of rain and wind.

But just not strong enough to be a proper blow as they say.


Update 10-23-2010 3pm:

There has been a curfew announced for Roatan to start at 6pm. No one is to be one the roads except emergency vehicles. It will be lifted when the storm has passed and all roads have been checked for safety from mud slides.

No church tomorrow either!

Huirricane Richard

Hello Friends!


We are monitoring Hurricane Richard, but we don't expect much other than lots of rain! Rain never bothers anyone here especially divers!


Check back for any changes, we will post as Hurricane Richard gets closer, that is as long as electrical and internet stays up. If we do go down we will post as soon as it comes back up, so check back often.


Thanks for all your support!

Blessings to all!

Bob and Lynne




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