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You are not alone, here are just a few examples
of how and why people came to this page.

  1. "Great, now you've gone and done it." You've broken the Internet. Way to go! Go Figure"
  2. "On the internet in Roatan, no one can hear you scream."
  3. "A billion websites, and you had to pick this one."
  4. "This webpage packed its bags and moved to Roatan."
  5. "Page has been sent to NASA for beta testing."
  6. "Your URL is an Unreliable Resource Locator."
  7. "First crop circles and now this."  Weird!
  8. "You had better pull over and ask for directions."
  9. "If true happiness can only be achieved by a state of nothingness on the beach, you're going down the right path."
  10. "Page you wanted is taking a siesta."
  11. "Well if at first you don't succeed, type, type, type again."
  12. "Your lucky numbers for today is: 404."
  13. "Nothing to see here."  "Carry On"
  14. "Page has moved to California to find itself."
  15. "Page you are looking for has spontaneously combusted."
  16. "Page you requested is taking a coffee break."
  17. "Only takes one wrong letter to hold back this page, not a nation of millions."
  18. "We need to stop meeting like this." Seriously."
  19. "That will teach you to buy a "good as new" URL."
  20. "Apparently, this page is not compatible with all browsers."
  21. "Aliens must have this page!
  22. "Looks like the typing class your cat is taking is not 100% successful."
  23. "OK, that's the last time you can drive."
  24. "If someone makes a webpage and gives the mal formed URL, does it really exist?
  25. "If you had a nickel for each time you hit an incorrect URL, you'd be 5 cents richer right now."
  26. "Wait, don't leave! Let's make our own webpage!
  27. "Sometimes we like to get a little crazy and type in totally random URL to see what happens."
    This is what happens."
  28. "Hope you didn't pay too much for that URL."
  29. "Some folks can see dead people - we can see dead pages?
  30. "The dog ate your webpage." Yeah, that's it."
  31. "Missing: One Home Page."
  32. "'I remember when the internet only had a few pages, and they all worked' - 'Sure, Grampa."
  33. "If you're reading this, it means this page is no more. It's probably not your fault."
  34. "We didn't do it." Actually, we couldn't find the page you requested. Please check the URL.

Quotes by: Angel Fire

Or: Unknown


Actually, we couldn't find the page you requested.

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