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Roatan diving in the Bay Islands, off the coast of Houduras, is a lush tropical island surrounded by the world's second largest barrier reef. It is an ideal Roatan diving destination. With its thriving coral reef and abundant marine life, Roatan diving has been a well-kept secret of dedicated divers for many years. Roatan diving Island is famous for its spectacular wall dives, sheer drop offs and giant sponges. It is also home to magical drift dives, fascinating wrecks, incredible Roatan diving at night and a reef oozing with crevices, canyons, swim thru's, caverns, sandy slopes, coral gardens... yes,
Roatan diving has it all.

Roatan Diving at Enomis Diving Center and Scuba School

Enomis Diving Center is designed for the beginner or advanced scuba diver who wants a no hassle, no stress, care free, ultimate Roatan scuba diving dream vacation on an island paradise. For certified divers, Enomis Diving Center in Roatan can offer you your very own personal diving leader, or your personal PADI scuba instructor in your continuing scuba diving education. Enomis Diving Center offers PADI certified recreational scuba diving courses ranging from Scuba Diver to Master Diver, and professional scuba diving courses such as Divemaster and DSD Leader internships.

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Whether you're searching for a dive package, visiting Roatan on a cruise ship or journeying into the underwater world for the first time, we are here to ensure that your time spent with us is an experience to remember. We offer a full range of PADI Dive courses and daily dive trips to the best dive sites on Roatan, focusing on diving in small groups and providing high quality instruction. Ocean Connections is located in West End, a small diving community on the western tip of Roatan and the most popular destination for avid divers of all ages. West End has something for every budget, from backpacker hostels to private vacation rentals. Within minutes of arriving at our oceanfront dive shop we can have you out diving on some of Roatan's best dive sites.
Please contact with us any questions you may have, we are happy to help with your travel plans, give advice or customize a dive package to suit your needs.

Bananarama Dive Center

We offer a unique Roatan diving experience in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Our team is one of the most experienced for Roatan diving and their passion and knowledge of our island’s reef is unrivaled.

Small groups, safety, personalized service and flexibility characterize Bananarama Dive Center, still maintaining a fun, light environment in which you can relax and enjoy.

Arrive as Guests... Return as Friends

U.S.A.: 1-727-564-9058  Local +504-2445-5005

Diving Art Bananarama

Roatan diving is famous for the world-class wall dives along with several sunken ships where purposeful artificial reefs were created. The fringe reefs are easily accessable from land by a mere 10 minute boat ride. Between the beach and open water are a variety of topicgraphical features providing unique habitats for abundant marine life. The reef walls are nuturient rich waters that sustains the lush reefs and brings a great wealth of bio-diversity from throughout the Caribbean. It is estimated that 90% of all marine life in the Caribbean is present and seen while Roatan diving. The outer reef slopes gently to the reef crest that is visable by breaking waves.

There are over 100 dive sites along the North and South shores of the Island more heavily frequented near the West End area. These sites range frSom caves, canyons, crevices, drop-offs and swim-throughs. Roatan diving at night is a big treat as well as trying a shark dive. Specialilty dives are offered by most dive shops, so try one!

Watch out, Roatan diving is addictive!

Roatan Diving

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10 Favorite Roatan Diving Sites

West End Wall - Drift Dive from 40 - 120 feet.  Large barrel sponges and pillar corals are spectacular. Long snout seahores are seen here with a sure turtle or two!
Prince Albert Wreck - 30-50 ft. dive, rope sponge, encrusted coral, soft coral and marine life. 30ft over is the remains of a DC-3 plane. A turely memorable Roatan diving experience.
Dolphin Den - cave like swim-through that is a maze of caves and tunnels. Named for Dolphin bones found in
the caves.
El Aguila - deep water wreck dive of 20-100ft. Swim through holes and cabins. As its name implies it is full of reef life such as jolthead porgy, snails, nudibranchs, shrimp. Roatan diving at its best.
Blue Channel  - the channel runs parallel to the shore, about 30ft. deep. There are a number of caves. Beware of fire coral in the shallows. Reef life is divers and abundant.
French Cay Cut - Interesting and unique site of Coral gardens filled with barrel sponges, soft and hard corals  and the remains of a sunken shrimp boat, the Cap’n G.
Pablo's Place - exeplifies the type of topography found on the Southside of Roatan Island. Swift currents, turtles,
large sea fans, giant eels and giant anemone. Wall 120 ft.
Spooky Channel - Roatan diving at its finest and lives up to it's name. The high reef wall and overhang gives an eerie dark blue illumination. A dive light is needed to see into the crevices.
Mary's Place - One of  Roatan divings most famous Dive Sites on the South side. Sports soft corals, large grouper, eagle rays, nurse sharks etc. 2 tank wall, crevice and cracks dive.
Mandy's Eel Garden - Great for photography and a shallow for Roatan diving. Narrow swim through that begins at 20 ft that crosses the wall and exits at 50 ft. Abundance of Garden Eels.

Roatan Diving Shops

Roatan Diving in West End Village


Roatan Diving in West Bay

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Sea Grape Plantation Roatan diving
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Roatan Diving in Sandy Bay

Sueno Del Mar Roatan diving
Anthony's Key Diving
Luna Beach Roatan diving
Octopus Dive Roatan diving
TranquilSeas Dive Center


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