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Roatan Fishing

Annual Tournament

Roatan fishing 2010 Municipality of Roatan XI

Roatan fishing 1st, Catch & Release, Billfish Tournament

SEPTEMBER 16TH – 19TH, 2010

Watch Slide Show of the Roatan fishing Tounament Festivities 2010

Video of Grand Prize Winner




Roatan fishing Video of Grand Prize Winner Part 2/2

Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010
7 p.m. Captains Meeting @ Coconut Tree
4-8 p.m Registration
Saturday Sept. 18, 2010
Fishing Day, lines up at 5 p.m
Friday, Sept. 17, 2010
6 a.m. Bimini Start from Half Moon Bay,
Lines up at 5 p.m.
Sunday Sept. 19, 2010
Roatan fishing Day, lines up at 1 p.m.
7 p.m. Awards Ceremony


The Award’s Ceremony will be held at Coconut Tree Restaurant on Sunday Sept. 19, 2010 at 7 p.m.

Registration / Captain’s Meeting

* All participating boats must pay $300 USD on registration night.

* Proper identification must be presented for all participating members.

Prize Categories

Roatan Fishing Billfish Points Category

Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish and Spearfish are the only species that qualify in this division.

  • Blue Marlin 300 Points
  • White Marlin 200 Points
  • Spearfish 200 Points
  • Sailfish 150 Points
  • +50 bonuspoints will be awarded for clean hook removal from any billfish with video evidence.

  • 1st place- Most overall billfish points
  • 2nd place- Second most billfish points
  • 3rd place- Third most billfish points

 Roatan Fishing Grand Champion

The team with the most combined points from the Rodeo and Billfish categories will be ruled the Grand Champion.

Note: At least one Billfish is required to be eligible in this category.


Roatan Fishing Grand Slam

The team who successfully catches three different billfish species during tournament hours will be the Grand Slam winners.

Roatan Fishing Rodeo Category

Qualifying species are Wahoo, Dolphin, Kingfish and Tuna. Minimum weight is 25lbs to qualify in this category. Each qualifying fish is worth 50 points and you will be awarded ad additional 1 point per pound over the minimum weight.

  • 1st place - Biggest fish caught
  • 2nd place - Second biggest fish caught
  • 3rd place - Third biggest fish caught

Roatan Fishing Junior Category

Junior anglers should e 15 years old or younger. This category includes rodeo fish and barracuda as qualifying pecies.
Rodeo fish need to be at least 20lbs. to qualify. Barracuda and Mackerel have a 10lbs. minimum.

  • 1st place - Biggest fish caught
  • 2nd place - Second biggest fish caught
  • 3rd place - Third biggest fish caught

Roatan Fishing Ladies Category

Ladies are subject to all tournament rules and may participate in all categories excluding Junior category.

  • 1st place– Biggest fish caught
  • 2nd place– Second biggest fish caught
  • 3rd place - Third biggest fish caught

Roatan Fishing Best Fish Story

Prize will be awarded to the best fish story presented by any participant.

Roatan Fishing Tournament Committee 2010

  • Loren Monterroso
  • Chris Rosales
  • Enry Padilla
  • Devin McNab
  • Kyle McNab
  • Gary McLaughlin

For more information contact:
Loren Monterroso
Tel +(504) 9955-0001





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