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Roatan island style website featuring articles and stories of adventure, yarns and photography, this is how we invite you to experience the island. Roatan readers grasp a sense of what it means to escape to pristine beaches, coral reefs and participate in the islands culture.

Charity Tourism

The Abernathy Family loves to Give Back to the people of Roatan. The family rented a private home with us here at Roatan Beach Front in Sandy Bay and we were the ones in for the treat! They had contacted Vallerie Ellis at Family Saludes and were matched with a sweet class of students at Louisa Trundle School. Both of the Abernathy's are teachers and one of the 9th grade classes from their Canadian community made 9 Sock Monkey Dolls for this class - one for each student. Each student from Cananada attachd a personal letter to the Monkey explaining why they made them, who they are?and where they live. You can tell from the photo that it was a big sucess. The Abernathy?Family alos brought down some clothing, a router for the computer lab and other school items. They spent part of their vacation volunteering and part enjoying the beauty of Roatan, although they will tell you?that the people of Roatan are the most beautiful part of the visit!

We asked them if they would write a little bit about how they got started Giving Back to the people of Roatan and what their Roatan Adventure was like...

"On our very first visit to the beautiful Roatan Island we were very impressed by the friendliness and generosity of the local people here. We were also disheartened by the poverty that we saw everywhere on Roatan. Despite all of this the people were warm and friendly. We felt that we needed to give back to the local community when we come back to this beautiful island. Every time we visit, we bring donations for the local community. This can take many forms, whether it is children's vitamins and clothing or books and handmade items for the children. We dedicate one or two suitcases per trip to donations only. Often we hear negative remarks from other tourists at the airport because of the large amount of luggage we have. Little do they know that most of it will be staying on the island!

Making these donations is wonderful for the community, but also wonderful for our family. It keeps us humble and aware of how lucky we are to have all the necessities of life. It makes us a little more kind, generous and empathetic to other people, not just in a poor country, but in our own community as well. You never know what the life circumstances are of a person you meet. We are very lucky to be able to go on vacation to an exotic destination. There are many families in these destinations that are not as lucky as we are. Giving back is a very tiny way of leveling the playing field for the families and workers who live in these destinations. If everyone brought something then we could not only have a wonderful time on vacation, but also leave the island as a better place than it was before. There are many sources of information on the internet for making donations to various organizations on the island. All you need to do is look for them.

The Brad Abernathy Family
Brad Abernathy Family


Sandy Bay Turtle Feasting on the Roatan Reef

Thanks for the video John Evanko of Blue Island Divers Roatan!

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