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Roatan the Land of my birth born to a single Mom, who taught me to work from young. I became a school teacher from a government Scholarship and taught school in the public system for many years. During this time I taught hand embroidery to the children this occupation been my hobbie from 6 years of age, I always did it at home and wherever I went I took it with me I sold the pieces and gave away to friends for some times. After that I increase my production, and made Hand Embroidery my full time occupation. I work on T Shirts all sizes. Linen clothing (dresses, button front shirts, polo shirts, table cloth, hats, hand bags pillow cases etc. for all ages). I make a variety of Ocean designs coconut trees, flowers, butterflies. I do what ever designs. My Location is at Roatan International Airport near the tobacco store. I wait for my customers Wednesday thursday saturday and sundays.

Veronica Jackson


Find Veronica Jackson
at the
Roatan Airport