Roatan Diving

Roatan Diving

"SCUBA diving is sensual. To breathe underwater is one of the most fascinating and peculiar sensations imaginable. Breathing becomes a rhythmic melody of inhalations and exhalations. The cracks and pops of fish and crustaceans harmonize with the rhythmic chiming of the bubbles as you exhale. Soon, lungs act as bellows, controlling your buoyancy as you achieve weightlessness. And, as in your dreams, you are flying. Combine these otherworldly stimuli and you surrender completely to the sanctuary of the underwater world."
TEC CLARK, forward, Karen Berger's Scuba Diving



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Photos with adventure articles, is how we invite you our readers to experience the island.
You will grasp a sense of what it means to escape to coral reefs, pristine beaches and
participate in the islands culture. The island is here to enjoy, please protect the reef.

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