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Honduran American

A Honduran American is an American of Honduran descent. The number of Hondurans in the USA in 2008 was estimated at 890,317 .


Honduras is a Central American country bordered on the northwest by Guatemala, on the southwest by El Salvador, and on the southeast by Nicaragua. It has a population of 5.8 million and an area of 43,277 square miles, about the size of Virginia. The population is composed of 89% mestizo (people of mixed ancestry, often Indian and Spanish), 7% pure Indian, 2 % black, and 1% caucasian.


Honduras geographical area was originally settled by human date unknown. However, archaeologists have recently found evidence of complex society that is at least 3,000 years old. Over the millennia, city-states gradually developed in the vast geographical area that includes large parts of present-day southern Mexico, Guatemala, and western El Salvador and Honduras. These city states had many common cultural characteristics, including a common spoken and written language. People of this region called themselves Maya.


One of the centers of Mayan civilization during its Classic period, between 250 and 900 A.D., was Copán, a metropolis on the Copán river in what is now western Honduras. Copán boasts the largest collection of mural hieroglyphics in theAmericas. In recent decades, anthropologists and archaeologists have been able to decipher large parts of the hieroglyphic code.


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“There was a clear sense of manifest destiny in the building of the banana empire.
It was both part of, and sometimes, the cause of increasing assertion of control over Latin America by the United States.
Over the next thirty-five years (from 1898), the U.S. military intervened in Latin America twenty-eight times:

Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba in the Caribbean, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador

In Central America the biggest consequence of those incursions was to make the region safe for bananas.”

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