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Roatan Activities

Roatan activities adventures for families, kids, couples, singles and seniors. Dolphin encounters, iguanas, Marine Park, eco-friendly tours, Roatan activities island tour, cultural Roatan activities, Punta Gorda, Garifuna, Punta dancing, artesian gift shops, monkeys, macaws, nature exhibits, hiking, tropical forest canopy, rest on a sandy beach, swim, monkeys, vista views, fishing, shore excursions, free style tours and private tours custom designed, zip line through the jungle canopy, banana boat, jet ski, kayak, paddle board, para sailing and best of all enjoy the amazing snorkel, scuba and dive adventures.


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Roatan South Shore Zip Line

Roatan Activities

You're suspended in the air by Cables creating a superman like effect making it the closest experience to flying through the air while having a birds eye view of the earth below. From the start on the launch platform, a new world unfolds as you gently glide through this natural ecosystem Nothing beats these Roatan activities.


Tel: 504 9967-1381 or 504 9521-5078

Roatan activities at Arch's Iguana & Marine Park are amazing, exhibiting over 4,500 Iguanas, Lobsters, Conch, Fish, Terrapin and Turtles. The owner, Sherman Arch, is available to tell you about their habitats and behavior.  Children and adults of all ages are welcome!  The entrance is just past French Harbor on the right. Arch's Iguana & Marine Park.


Baby Iguana Roatan Activities


Roatan Activities at Carambola Gardens

Roatan Activities Carambola Garedns

Roatan activities at Carambola Botanical Gardens where we showcase nature at its finest. Our eco-friendly tours are a must when visiting and celebrating with our Roatan activities. "Take A Walk On The Wild Side"

Phone: 011 504 2445-3117

Jolly Roger Roatan

Carnival Just Named Jolly Roger the Leading Tour in the CARIBBEAN

Carnival Just Named Jolly Roger the Leading Tour in the CARIBBEAN

Cruise Shippers Only

Reef Snorkelling with a Pro

Speciality beginner & experienced snorkelers, Catamaran sailing, Swimming, Delicious rotisserie chicken lunch, Free open bar after snorkeling, Modern marine bathrooms, Free digital photos, Free souvenir Honduran currency


Roatan Activities More fun in the Caribbean






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Escape to pristine beaches, coral reefs and participate in the island culture.

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