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Capiro - Calentura National Park


Capiro-Calentura is a large area of tropical forest above Trujillo on the north coast. It features an old semi-paved trail first used by the Spanish that leads to a cave. Access is from a path that leads up from the fabulous Villa Brinkley. The park is administered by the FUCAGUA group which has its office above the cafe in the round building in the center of the town's main plaza.


The town of Trujillo is sandwiched between the Carribean Ocean and the looming mountains of Capiro Calentura. Walking out of the center of town on the trail towards the summit of Calentura (4052 ft.)


Butterflies in early morning shade, you may see wildlife such as monkeys, parrots, toucans, 10 in. wide blue butterflies, boa constrictors, if you are lucky you may hear the distant growl of a jaguar or ocelot. There are trails that wind their way through this lowland tropical rainforest. The trail to the summit of Calentura (4 hrs up, 3 down) provides breathtaking views of Trujillo, the bay, the mountains of Olancho, as well as the Bay Islands. The high amount of rainfall during the rainy season (over 100 in.) keeps the forest lush year round and the many streams and waterfalls of the park run full of water. The most spectacular of the waterfalls are those found near the head waters of Rio Negro. They are easily accesible after a 45 min. hike through the forest. However, it is important not to swim in the river above the dam or any dam in the park due to the fact that the dams provide drinking water to the inhabitants of Trujillo and surrounding communties. Also hidden within the park are the Cuyamel Caves which have been used by various ethnic groups dating back to pre Colombian times. Experienced spelunkers enjoy exploring the cave with local guides.



“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”
John Muir

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