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Roatan Earthquake Again

5.7 Magnitude, Sunday, June 7, 11:13 PM


Last night while watching a late movie, it was shake rattle and roll time again as the sound, shaking, and rattling of the windows and doors started all over again. It was not nearly as long or intense as its 7.3 predecessor May 28th at 3 something in the morning! We have had lots of aftershocks multiple times a day here on Roatan since May 28th but nothing like this 5.7 quake recorded by the United States Geological Survey. This time the epicenter was between La Ceiba on the mainland and our neighboring Island Utila. For further updates and recordings visit .

Roatan new damage report: Cracks in our dry wall around windows and doors have showed up since the 7.3 quake of May 28th. We will keep you posted...thanks for all your phone calls, emails, and concerns. What wonderful friends we have on Roatan and around the world!


Roatan Earth Quake

Roatan Earthquake - Loud, Long and Large best describes what we woke up to Thursday morning at about 3:15 AM. A 7.3 magnitude earthquake just off the coast of Roatan with after shocks at 6.3 !


Loud - It was a rude awakening at 3:15 am to a loud noise like a freight train coming through our bedroom. I had never heard anything like it. We were tossed back and forth in our bed and the whole house was shaking and groaning. I couldn't help but scream!


Long - Bob put his arms around me and shouted, "Earthquake!". I froze as we rode the long quake out. It carried on for a full 3 minutes or more. After the house stopped shaking we could hear the loud rumble travel across the Caribbean for a long time. Our room was dark and eerie...the electricity was out.


Next - The next thing we heard were people talking outside, girls screaming, and dogs barking! An odd sound was the distinct lack of crowing from our famous Roatan Chickens! We ran outside to see what was going on and get a quick check for damage. We live near the pool in our community and water was running down the hill from the deck. The earthquake had sloshed about a foot of water out of the pool. People with flashlights confirmed that there were no crakes in the structure. We then turned to our Roatan home and it looked generally sound so we went back in.


Large - Cell phones began to ring and we soon learned that the magnitude of the earthquake was 7.3. Then the first aftershock hit Roatan...the house shook like crazy...we quickly sat down. It lasted about 20 seconds. Then there was that eerie silence once more. Within 15 minutes another one came and then another. All 3 were about the same intensity. This truly was a large earthquake. I had never been through anything like this before! This was big!

Through the radio we learned that they were calling this event The Roatan Earthquake. The epicenter was identified as 28 miles North East of the Eastern tip of Roatan!

Warnings of a Tsunami came over the the radio. Our home is about 27 feet above sea level. With a simple check of my watch, the time told me that it would have already happened if it was going to take place. Whew!


Later - As dawn came I began to see the damage in our Roatan home for the first time. Our house was a mess! There was broken Lenca pottery along with glass on the floor. My art supplies and stamps had flown off their shelves. Books were everywhere and a lone roll of toilet paper had rolled out of the bathroom and across the living room floor! It was odd how some things flew off shelves and yet other items remained!

We then checked the walls and had no crakes in our dry wall or ceiling. All in all there was no significant loss and we were just glad to be alive and have our Roatan home be ok.


Aftershocks - Aftershocks from the Roatan Earthquake continued throughout the day but were milder and about 2 hours apart. Electricity was restored, water was flowing from the well and a long hot shower beckoned. We flopped into bed...felt and heard another soft tremor... familiar arms of my husband wrapped around me...and sleep came quickly.




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