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Roatan island style website featuring articles and stories of adventure, yarns and photography, this is how we invite you to experience the island. Roatan readers grasp a sense of what it means to escape to pristine beaches, coral reefs and participate in the islands culture.

Roatan Father of Tourism

by: Bill Brady

Bill Brady arrived on Roatan as a Peace Corps Volunteer in February of 1971.

Following is his story of Paul Adams The Father of Tourism in the Bay Islands

After being on Roatan island for a few weeks getting settled & meeting people, I decided to take a walk to the north side of Roatan. I had heard reports that a man from the U.S. had started a resort in an area called Sandy Bay. I was intrigued...

Roatan AKR Bailey's Key

At that time there were only a few vehicles operating on the Island - most going to and from on the dirt airport strip. That's why I decided to walk, and as it turned out, it was a walk I would never forget.

Bill Brady

I headed west from my house near the airport and quickly passed through Coxen Hole which was little more than a village at that time. I turned right at the "Thicket Mouth" and headed north. The dirt road (on much the same route as it is today) soon turned into little more than a horse path. This path led to the beginning of "Remember Long Hill" (since reduced to Memba Long Hill) which basically got you over the center ridge and to the north side ofRoatan. From this point it was a short distance to the area called "Head of the Beach" and this is where the beach actually became the road. I walked along the deserted beach until I reachedLawson Rock. The "Road" went up and around the great rock and then back on the beach. It was at this point that I began to wonder why someone would build a resort in a plawould soon be answered...ce so hard to get to... this question

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Sandy Bay Turtle Feasting on the Roatan Reef

Thanks for the video John Evanko of Blue Island Divers Roatan!

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