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“What an amazing place! From it’s centralized location between the airport in Coxen Hole and West End/West Bay to the relaxing, yet never boring family-friendly atmosphere. They are also great scuba instructors! I cannot swim and have a bit of a fear of water, but Eric and Diana had me out there in 30 feet of water in no time (after the proper prep and instruction of course). I cannot wait to go back to get certified! My stay could have only been better if it could have been longer. I will be back!”
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It is a Small World After All

Roatan Bill Brady

As we planned the outing Tim reiterated over and over again, "Willie, there is one course on Hilton Head I want you to Play".

The day finally arrived and we were playing that particular golf course. After about three holes I was completely mesmerized or perhaps enthralled would be a better word. The experience was beautiful! The course gently wound its way through the pines of Hilton Head and carefully through the wetlands of the Island. The fairways were narrow, the greens relatively small and the surrounding scenery exquisite. It was like nature on nature and a joyful! Joyful! golfing experience.

After finishing the 18th hold along Calabogie Sound, I asked Tim who in the world designed this course? He told me it was a man by the name of Pete Dye. "Wow", I said. I just wished one day I could meet him.

The course we played was Harbor Town and a PGA Tournament is held there every year. Watch it on TV and you will understand why it is always rated one of the top courses in the world. (The Tournament is the Heritage Open from April 21 through April 24th)

Today Pete Dye is considered one of the great Golf Course Designers in history. And by the way, that wish I had over thirty years ago, did come true. Last year I met Pete Dye, I shook his hand and told him about that wonderful day long ago that Tim and I experienced playing his course on Hilton Head.

Today we are privileged to have one of his courses on Roatan. With that comes Interneational Prestige and golfers will come from all parts of the World to play a Pete Dye Golf Course. It will simiply bring more variety and another level of tourism to Roatan...and YES, that is a good thing!

As for me, I'm starting to practice for next years Rotary Club Tournament...
see you at the Black Pearl!

Bill Brady was a former Peace Corps Voluteer on Roatan

and is the owner of Carambola Botanical Gardens in Sandy Bay. wishes to thank Bill for his article and enthusiasm.

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