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Roatan island style website featuring articles and stories of adventure, yarns and photography, this is how we invite you to experience the island. Roatan readers grasp a sense of what it means to escape to pristine beaches, coral reefs and participate in the islands culture.

Walk and Tour Carambola Botanical Gardens

and SEE the Most Famously Beautiful Tree on Roatan!

Begun in 1985, the Gardens showcase a wide variety of exotic plants. Situated along the banks of "Mahogany Creek,' a bridge with connecting walkways lead the visitor through areas of flowering plants, ferns, spices, fruit trees (cashews, carambola starfruit,) the very popular "chocolate trees", hardwoods including Honduran mahogany, the most famous tree on Roatan and Roatan's most extensive orchid collection.

The Most Famous Tree on Roatan is the Cannonball Tree. Bill Brady planted it over 34 years ago close to Mahogany Creek with an early morning Southern light exposure. He credits the location for it's prolific production of over 1,000 spectacular blossoms a day from May through the summer months. The tree is famous because it is the most overwhelmingly beautiful, prolific tree on Roatan!  Each day from the top of the tree to its bottom, the tree is full of new blossoms. At night those blossoms fall off and the tree makes over 1,000 more that start to open in the morning light. It is truly a botanical wonder.

The tree was named for the fruit it produces and the sound they make! The large round fruit eventually rippen and then explode!  They also fall from the tree and make a loud cracking noise like the explosion of a cannonball. Thus it was named by a French explorer in the late 1700's as a "Cannonball" tree! Who knew? Be sure to take the Bill Brady Tour to hear first hand the awesome wonders of this famously beautiful tree! See Photo.

From the garden, a path leads to the summit of Carambola Mountain. A comfortable twenty minute hike will take you to the top. Be sure to take your camera and good walking shoes! Along the way you will see an area where nature has provided almost a sheer cliff - Thus protecting a natural iguana and parrot breeding ground historically known as the "Iguana Wall.' Also, visible along the way are ancient Indian archaeological sites that date back to the Mayan civilization.

Upon reaching the top, sit back and relax on the summit deck and enjoy Roatan's views. All the colors of the reef are laid out before you, and visible 25 miles to the west, overlooking historic Gibson Bight , and Utila , smallest of the bay islands. Another twenty minute walk will take you back to the valley and into the Garden.

It was in this valley in th year 1740 that a an English settlement was established. It was founded as a farming community for the purpose of supplying the many British "Man O War" and merchant ships that frequented this area. More then 275 years later, Carambola Gardens has restored the farming heritage and once again the valley abound with banana, plantain, exotic fruit trees and spices of all kinds...

Carambola has been featured as Photo of the Week many times. View Slide Show of the Gardens

Carambola Gardens are open daily from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Guides are on call each day, for a variety of tours and nature trails are available.
For more information call: (504) 2445-3117 and ask for Bill or Irma Brady

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Sandy Bay Turtle Feasting on the Roatan Reef

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“Between the inner and outer beaches,
a strand of woods thrived: palms, palmettos, mahogany, figs, and calabash.
Coconut palms and fig trees dropped enough fruit to feed the wildlife that swooped by in droves.
It was so easy to catch a fish with your bare hands,
Tristan and I had made a game of it during our weeks of lovemaking on the warm, supple sand.
It truly was paradise.”
A. Violet End, The Billionaire Who Atoned to Me