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Most things on our site are new with lots of research digging out the truths that lye beneath the surface of life. Here in this bibliography is a very lose collection of this and that, I would like to say that I have read and understood what the various authors are saying. But alas I am the typical computer user and have developed the most annoying habit of scanning pages. This is a very effective way in crunching through all that the tyranny of the moment demands of me. And I do seem to read it more than just a scan if it interests me, which the below authors seem to do. I say all of this to suggest to you, that these writers of words may deserve more attention than I have given them.


Please consider spending some of your time discovering a little more about these books worth reading.

Red at Dawn and The Judas Bird

by: D.K. Evans


Red At Dawn by David K. Evans quickly captures its readers, wrapping them in the age-old dramas of intense greed, cruelty, rape, murder, and bitter-sweet romance. Evans crafts a tight plot with vivid glimpses of the turbulent 1700s; a time when the Caribbean island of Roatán was the rendezvous for “Brethren of the Coast” - lusty, hard-living pirates of the Western Caribbean.


The Judas Bird: According to island legend, the Judas Bird is a mysterious, seldom-seen resident of Roatán Island Honduras that makes itself known to precious few in the first light of pre-dawn. Following each infrequent visit this elusive bird vanishes, with its mournful call never heard in the light of day. To hear the bird is an unusual event - an experience that foreshadows change, usually bringing good luck for the observer.


The Overthrow of Manuel Zelaya in Honduras

by: Marco Cáceres di Iorio

Honduras is known as the classic “Banana Republic” – a characterization of a politically backward country ruled by a tiny wealthy class. The phrase was coined by the North American writer O. Henry in his book, Cabbages and Kings. It conveys the image of a nation plagued by military coup d’états… historically undeniable in the case of Honduras. The controversial overthrow of President Manuel Zelaya on June 28, 2009 represents a watershed in Honduran history. Was President Zelaya an innocent victim of the military and judicial systems, or did government officials act wisely in rescuing Honduras from a president intent on remaining in power indefinitely and dismantling the country’s democratic institutions? Although it awakened memories of past coups, it is unclear whether this was a traditional or a “hybrid coup”, featuring some elements of what the world tends to associate with coups, but lacking others. The collection of short essays in this book offers personal insights on these questions and on a wide range of events, themes, and philosophical struggles that defined the political crisis in Honduras.


About the Author
Marco Cáceres di Iorio is the editor of the online newspaper Honduras Weekly. He is also the cofounder of, an international network of volunteers involved in humanitarian development projects aimed at empowering the people of Honduras. He directs the annual Conference on Honduras in the town of Copán Ruinas in northwestern Honduras. He was born in Tegucigalpa

Adamic Louis


1848-1951 (bulk 1921-1951):

Finding Aid


Summary Abstract:


Louis Adamic was an author deeply concerned with American immigrants and their experiences in the "melting pot." This collection consists of papers of Adamic, including manuscripts of his books, short stories, articles, and lectures, as well as sketches, paste-ups, and proofs of Adamic’s own journal T & T. Also included are correspondence, subject files, and works of other writers. Of special note is The House in Antigua (N.Y.: Harper, 1937).



Argueta, Mario

Diccionario crítico de obras literarias hondureñas

Language Spanish :: Tegucigalpa, Honduras : Editorial Guaymuras, 1993


Argueta, Mario, Diccionario Historico-Biograficl Hondureno

Universidah Macional Autonoma de Honduras

Wdcitoriao Universitaria, Tegucigalph, Mov. 1990.



(The early ears of a famous storyteller)


Amett, Ethel Stephens, O. Henry From Polecat Creek, Greensboro, North Carolina, 1962 .


Claude Baudez, Sydney Picasso , Caroline Palmer


Lost Cities of the Maya

(Discoveries) (Paperback)

Claude Baudez (Author), Sydney Picasso (Author), Caroline Palmer (Translator)


A pocket guide to Maya archaeology. This lavishly illustrated small book features hundreds of color photographs and illustrations -- along with excerpts from key works and a brief guide to Maya arithmetic, their calendar and inscriptions.

more info on the Maya... honduras/mayanshonduras.html


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by: Cicero

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