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Roatan Island Kids Fish, Roatan, Bay Islands, Hondurs roatanfish
Roatan Kids have fun on their Roatan Island Vacation
Roatan Island, Bay Islands, Honduras, tropical fish

! FUN for KIDS !

Roatan Island Carombola Botanical Garden
Roatan Island Carambola Botanical Gardens has a "chocolate tree", and you can climb the summit of Carambola Moutain !  Play along the hidden hiking trails of the garden and look for Roatan Island wildlife and birds.
Guided tours are offered.
Very reasonable Roatan Family Vacation rates are available.
Roatan: 504-2445-3117
Email: [email protected]
The gardens are accross the street from Anthony's Key.

South Shore Canopy Tour - Roatan Zipline


You're suspended in the air by Cables creating a superman like effect making it the closest experience to flying through the air while having a birds eye view of the earth below. From the start on the launch platform, a new world unfolds as you gently glide through this natural ecosystem.

[email protected]/center> Tel: 504 9904-7855 or 504 9967-1381

Arch's Iguana and Marine Park

Roatan Island Iguana Farm in French Harbor, Roatan Vacation, Honduras

Arch's Iguana and Marine Park is amazing, exhibiting over 5,000 Iguanas, Lobsters, Conch Fish, Terrapin and Turtles. The owner, Sherman Arch, is available to tell you about their habitats and behavior.  Admission is just $5.00, and children and adults of all ages are welcome!  The entrance is just past French Harbor on the right. Roatan Island Vacation fun in The Bay Islands Honduras, Central America.                                  [email protected]

BananaramaDive Sunday Night Activities

Roatan crab racing time at Bananarama Sunday night festivities. Choose your favorite crabs from Paul's bucket, make sure he has your number & name written down, and get ready for the race!
Also The Garifuna Fire Dancers are a family of entertainers experienced in the art of fire dancing. They put on a spectacular event that brings on rounds of clapping and cheers. Be sure to be there to see their show whether you are a guest of the resort or vacationing on Roatan ... all are welcome!

Iguana Roatan Island, Bay Islands, Honduras Where is the Roatan Kid in You???




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