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"Oh, think twice, 'cause it's just another day for you and me in paradise."

Think About It
by: Phil Collins

Roatan AA the friends of Bill and Bob
Phone: 011 504 9534-7567 and 011 504 9991-3215      Email:

BICA - Bay Islands Conservation Association


Become a BICA Member! By joining BICA and becoming an active member here and abroad. Membership fees are important as they cover operational expenses and priority programs. Currently we are not set up to take contributions over the internet. When you are in Roatan, you can join BICA at the Carambola Botanical Gardens across from Anthony's Key Resort in Sandy Bay.

Coastol Cleanup

Roatan Volunteer Pediatric Clinic

In August 2003, Global Healing opened a modern pediatric outpatient clinic, accessible to any and all children, within the Roatan Public Hospital.  This clinic is staffed year-round with volunteer pediatricians from the U.S., rotating on a 1month-plus basis.  Furthermore, the clinic is being developed as a structured elective rotation for pediatric resident physicians in their last year of training.  We will be starting with sponsorship of residents at Children?s Hospital Oakland, Lucile Packard Children?s Hospital at Stanford, and UC San Francisco.  Academic physicians from these hospitals, as well as pediatricians at Marin General Hospital, are providing additional support.  This winter, we are expecting to formally begin telemedicine/ internet-based consultations between these physicians and the Roatan clinic.


Alice Gruber Volunteer Coordinator [email protected]
1 510 898-1859

Roatan Volunteer
Pediatric Clinic

Local  Web Site: Roatan Clinic
Global Healing Web Site: Global Healing
Email Us:  [email protected]

aids roatan

AIDS epidemic on Roatan and the Bay Islands. Familias Saludables major focus is on reducing the incidence of mother-to-child transmission of the virus both at birth and via breast milk. We run testing clinics for pregnant women, assign trained home visitors for mothers living with HIV/AIDS, provide education to the public, provide palliative training services and, when available, we provide infant formula, medications, and a host of supplies to support families struggling to cope with this disease. All of our services are free of charge and our staff consists solely of volunteers, both local and international.    Roatan Phone: 011-504-2445-0352   or  011-504-3118


View "The Wall" "We Remember"

Partners in Education - Roatan

Partners in Education Roatan

Partners in Education - Roatan is committed to fostering quality bilingual education throughout the islands.


THE PROBLEM: The education system is not adequate to ensure that islanders have a place in this new economy. Reading and writing is a must.  New skills are required in construction, sales, restaurant and hotel management, power generation, industrial electricity, and tourism services.


Our Changing Island: 1990  Roatan is a sleepy little island that attracts divers and snorkelers looking for a laidback vacation.  About 15,000 people live permanently on the island.  Their primary language is English.  The economy is based on fishing and cottage industries.   There are no paved roads. The island electric company is getting started.  Telephones are few and far between.


TODAY: The world and the island have discovered each other.  Electricity, paved roads, telephones, internet are now standard.  Tourism now replaces fishing as the primary economy.  Now the second largest cruise ship port in the Americas, Roatan is host to a million passengers annually.  Her beautiful reefs draw thousands of divers who now stay at upscale hotels, resorts, and condos.  Retirees flock to top-notch gated communities.


Give them a chance!  Give them an education!

Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras


Christmas Concert for the Angels

Once again, on Thursday, December 4th, the Roatan Airport will be transformed into a glittering concert hall to benefit three phenomenal community projects that make the quality of island life so much better for so many.

Mark your calendar – December 4th, 6:30 p.m. You don’t want to miss Roatan’s most exciting event of the year!

Made in Roatan
Bob and Debi Cowan first came to Roatan in 2005 for a holiday and fell in love with the people of this beautiful island. The poverty stirred their hearts and when they had the opportunity to move here, they took it. Their goal is simply to help the people both practically and spiritually. They live out their faith in Jesus Christ by initiating projects that will create ongoing income for as many locals as possible. This shop is one of these projects. About 14 families benefit from selling their crafts, as well as the island owners of the shop Bob built for them.           (Read More...)

Bay Islands Community Health Association Clinica Esperanza
Peggy Stranges, an experienced clinical and dental nurse from Columbus, Ohio, has led brigades of doctors, dentists, and medical people of many specialties to Honduras for 14 years. In 2001 she committed to serve the medical needs of the Bay Islands year round. She purchased a house in 2002 and began her medical ministry from her kitchen table with med's that had been donated by various sources.

Bay Islands
Community Health Association
Clinica Esperanza

Web Site:
Email: [email protected] 
Phone U.S.: 614 360-2033 (Rings in Roatan)
Phone U.S.: 614 891-1750
Phone Roatan: 011 504 2445-3234 

Roatan Children's Fund

Roatan Children's Fund

Roatan Children's Fund is a public benefit non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. Specifically, this charitable organization will seek to advance education and provide relief to poor, distressed, and underprivileged children living in Roatan, Honduras. Our support will help with various needs including schooling, transportation, uniforms, food, electricity, repairs, clothing and other necessary supplies.

Phone: 925 932-8625 U.S.A.                   Email: [email protected]


Roatan Renegade Rescue

Is an Roatan organization devoted to helping the homeless street animals on Roatan Island. We accept any and all donations and sell Roatan Renegade Rescue wrist bands to raise funds. The wrist bands are $5.00. When 10 are sold we can save a life, , one animal at a time. Please check us out on our website. We have success stories, progress reports and a Paypal button. If you are coming to Roatan for a visit, please consider buying pet food while here or bringing flea and tick medications with you. All drop-offs are grateful received at Penelope's Island Emporium.

Emergency Alert ! ! !

We are losing lives here for lack of foster parents. Our rescues need a safe, quiet temporary place to heal and mend after medical procedures and spay/neuter. Please consider fostering ... Desperately Needed as we have no facility her.
Roatan: + 011 504 2445-5039     USA: 786 269-0819



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Did you know that nearly half your retirement plan assets can be eaten away by taxes at your death?


General information not country specific...
Most is based off of United States of America general information.


The information on our web site is not intended as financial or legal advice for any country.
Please consult your own qualified advisers both in your country
as well as Honduras as you consider philanthropic gifts.


Qualified retirement plans may save you taxation dollars during your lifetime, but unless you do some special planning, your heirs will be hit with both income and estate taxes to cover. After you've provided for your family, consider using the remainder

of your retirement plan assets to fulfill your philanthropic objectives. Your charitable gift would make a meaningful contribution

to Roatan Charities, and would also offer valuable advantages to you.


You may find it most tax wise to name a Roatan Charity as the beneficiary for all or part of your retirement account, leaving other less heavily taxed assets to heirs. Retirement-plan assets are distributed outside of probate and are entirely free from U.S. federal estate and income tax when Roatan Charity with a USA 5013c is named as the beneficiary.



Naming a Roatan Charity with a 5013c as the primary beneficiary lets your heirs avoid income and estate taxes.

You may receive partial tax savings when you give the Roatan Charity a specific amount before giving the remainder to family. Naming a Roatan 5013c Charity the contingent beneficiary allows for greater flexibility when other beneficiaries predecease

you. Donating retirement-plan assets could be the most cost-effective gift you can make. To implement your wishes,

simply advise the plan administrator of your decision and sign the required form(s). For an IRA or Keogh plan you administer personally, notify the custodian in writing and keep a copy with your valuable papers. Here's how you might

list us on your retirement plan beneficiary form:


Name of Roatan Charity with a 5013c ,

Check on and give the complete address of the Roatan Charity.
Tax ID Number of the 5013c

May help to give the complete Web Address





"Always keep an open mind and a compasionate heart."

by: Phil Jackson

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