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Are there bugs and critters on Roatan?

It was late one night, I was home alone. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye.
Two antennae emerged, Oh look at that big bug hustle !



ATM'/faq/s/a/div/td td width=216div align=centera href='s tropical paradise, will also be available from Chicago and Orlando beginning this November. These flights complement the direct flights already offered through Atlanta (Delta), Newark (Continental), Houston, (Continental) and Miami (TACA).


Connecting Flights
Connecting flights to Roatan are available daily on TACA, Continental, Delta and other airlines from major cities around the USA. These flights connect through mainland Honduras in San Pedro Sula (SAP), La Ceiba (LCE) and Tegucigalpa (TGU). In El Salvador, flights connect through San Salvador (SAL). Most of these flights are one-stop flights.

Please note all of these airports including La Ceiba are on the mainland. You will need to request a flight that continues or connects into Roatan (RTB). Some search engines will offer La Ceiba as an alternate airport for Roatan. From La Ceiba you will need to take a direct flight to Roatan. Flights are scheduled throughout the day from all of the above cities on a number of local carriers.

Mainland Airlines
Atlantic Airlines De Honduras (
Aerolineas SOSA (
Islena Airlines (
TACA Airlines (

Busses in Honduras Hedman Alas Bus Service

The Hedman Alas Bus Service is offered throughout Honduras and from El Salvador and Guatemala. It is first class bus service where you and your belongings will be treated with respect and safety. It is a coach bus with a bathroom, refreshment service, a steward, and movie opportunity. The windows are large and clean for sight seeing. It is very reasonable in price.

Chat Online with Hedmanalas

Click on Itinerary.Top




La Ceiba


011 504 441-5348

    Tela   011 504 448-0570



San Pedro Sula (Airport)


011 504 668-0170



San Pedro Sula


011 504 557- 3477





011 504 237-7143



Tegucilgalpa Blvd. Suyapa


011 504 239-0468

    Copan Ruins Telefax   011 504 651-4034
    Guatemala   502 2362-5072
    Antiqua Guatemala   502 7832-6162
  [email protected]
Web Site:

Busses on Roatan

Van Type busses travel back and forth between:

  • Coxen Hole and West End at regular intervals during the day
  • French Harbor and the East End at regular intervals during the day, although less frequent than on the West End of the island.
  • Full size busses act as a connection for the longer trip between Coxen Hole and French Harbor thus allowing bus servie for about 80% of the length of the island.

This is the transportation of choice by most of the working class Hondurans on Roatan. They are regular, dependable and inexpensive.

•  Galaxy Wave Ferry-The Ferry Boat from La Ceiba to Roatan often referred to as The Galaxy.
The ferry leaves La Ceiba twice a day to come to Roatan and then twice from Roatan directly back to La Ceiba.
It is a new modern boat with seating inside with A/C, or up top, in the open air. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to complete the ride.
To check out the schedule please go to

Safe Way Maritime Galaxy Wave Phone numbers:
Roatan 504-2445-1795 or 504-2445-1250
La Ceiba 504-991-6353
(from the US, use "011" prefix for international calls and then the rest of the number)

Roatan - La Ceiba

7:00 am
  Regular Fair (1 way) 500 Limps

La Ceiba - Roatan

9:30 am
  Children Under 10 ?

Roatan - La Ceiba

2:00 pm
  1st Class (1 way) 500 Limps

La Ceiba - Roatan

4:30 pm
  Children Under 10 ?
Roatan, Islas de La Bahia
011 504 2445-1795 (1250)
La Ceiba, Muelle de Cabotaje
011 504 443-4633 (441-9358)
[email protected]
    Web Site:    

Where is Roatan ?


Roatán, (16.34°N 86.33° W) located between the islands of Utila and Guanaja , is the largest of The Honduras Bay Islands. It is approximately 60 kilometers long, and less than 8 kilometers wide at its widest point. Although there is some debate on the actual size this is the most popular belief. Located near the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea (second largest worldwide after Australia's Great Barrier Reef), it has become an important cruising and diving destination in Honduras. Tourism and Commercial Fishing are the two largest economic forces.


Roatan Caribbean

Roatan Travel Tips

What To Bring in addition to basic vacation attire?

  • aloe
  • boat towels
  • bug spray
  • cover ups (ladies)
  • flashlight
  • hats
  • itch cream
  • light rain jacket during Sept-Dec.
  • sun glasses
  • sun screen
  • swim suites
  • medications & toiletries
  • small bill (ones, fives, and tens)

Things you'll need money for:


What kind of currency can I use on vacation in Roatan?


US dollars are widely accepted on Roatan. It is recommended that you bring small change as venders cannot always come up with correct change in US dollars. Don't bring bills larger than $20s and $50s as they are hard to change. The local exchange rate is around 20 Lempira to 1 US dollar. Credit cards can be used in most established businesses. There is normally a 5-16% difference between using cash and the cc fees assessed each time you use your card. Your bank may also attach a fee to convert the charge from lempira to dollars. Travelers Cheques can be used in most established businesses. Please be aware that if your signature is not an exact match on both lines, we are not able to accept them. The banks here are very particular about the criteria for accepting them. If they are ripped or badly bent, they will not be accepted either. We also recommend using American Express Travelers Cheques as they are the most widely accepted across Roatan.


The Yankee Dollar is ok.

Is there ATM's available on Roatan?

There are a few machines on Roatan island though there is never a guarantee that they will be stocked with money. Most charge a credit card fee of 5-8 % to withdraw money. Use American Express Travelers Cheques as they are the most widely accepted.

What if I need to check my email or use the internet?

Internet Cafe's are available here on Roatan as well as some resorts and restaurants have WiFi.

•  Are there laundry facilities on Roatan?  Yes...

•  If I choose to tip, what is the standard rate on Roatan?

10% in standared although 20% helps the local economy. Some places add it to your bill you will need to check your receipts on this.

•  What if I want to rent a car on Roatan during my stay?

Because of the changing availability of rental cars, we recommend reserving a car before you arrive.

•  Will I have problems with the language on Roatan?

Spanish is the Islands official language, although English was once the common language on Roatan and is still used frequently.

•  Do I need a passport to come to Roatan?

You will need a passport to enter and exit the country. All visitors traveling to Honduras will need to have a passport valid for at least 6 months past the date of travel and ALL visitors require a passport to enter Honduras. Please check with your passport agency to make sure your passport info is in order before you leave for your vacation. It is a good idea to make copies of your passport to carry with you at all times.

•  Is there an Exit Tax in Roatan Honduras?

Please be aware that there is a mandatory Honduran exit tax of $32-$34 that will need to be paid in cash at the airport when you leave. Also, the airline will provide you with a document that you will fill out on the airplane before you arrive in Roatan. Do not lose this paperwork. You will need it when leaving the country. Please plan accordingly.



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The officiall Roatan government web site is:





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