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Roatan Wallpaper Screen savers were collected from our own photography and by others who have submitted their best photography to You may use these Wallpaper / Screen Savers for personal use on your computer, blogs, social media sites, etc. Please leave the logo and a link back to our site would be nice (not required). For commercial use please contact us. Optimize your desktop with our murals! The photography of contributors and staff features a terrific mix of action and scenery, and is sure to keep you inspired while you're stuck at work. Check back frequently as we are always adding more...



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We did not pay for a signed certificate so you will get a warning.
(Just Trying To Keep It Free)
It is safe to install.


Fire Dancers - The Islands Fire

(click image to Download - save to Desk Top - Then Run Icon On Destop)
Click to download Fire Dancers Screen Saver




Golf Black Pearl - Rotary Club

(click image to Download - save to Desk Top - Then Run Icon On Destop)
Click to download Roatan Golf Screen Saver

Music by: Kristofer Goldman "La Mora Limpa




Carambola Gardens

(click image to Download - save to Desk Top - Then Run Icon On Destop)
Click to download Carambola Screen Saver

Music by: Kristofer Goldman El Dorado




Desk Top Murals

Put a little color in your day.



Have Fun and Enjoy

Tip: I like to download a "Screen Saver" and then when I come back to the computer and the slide show is running. I wait till it comes round to a picture I want to use as my "Desktop Wallpaper", I then press the "F2" key and it is my Desktop Wallpaper. Easy to change helps keep my day fresh... If you do not want the music to play, go into your desktop and mute the sound.


Many features can be controlled by you.



Wallpaper Directions Short and Simple: While the Screen Saver is running just press the F2 key. Wallpaper and Screen Savers are Hi Resolution - Please Allow Time for Download.

"It Is worth The Wait"


Customized Screen Saver setting can be reached in IE by:

"right clicking" on your "Desktop"
left click on "Personalize"
then click on "Screen Saver"
then chose the Screen Saver you wish to customize then
"Click on Settings"


These Screen Savers are highly Customizable... Enjoy.


Most of these photos came out of our Slide Shows.


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Just " Desktop Wallpaper"
We call them Murals
You will know why when you see them.





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